July 8, 2005

img_2707-1.jpgPainting No. 7 Nocturne Kiosk

I was up late.  It was getting up to 10:30 p.m.  It was our last night in Kiosk and I decided to paint a nocturne.  For light, I had only a small candle lantern.  I became almost dizzy, staring so intently into the dark shadows and flitting light of the forest, then back up to the cool sparkling stars in the firmament. It is a very different experience from painting in the daytime.  Not only is the colour and form muted and distorted, but the utter tranquility instills a solemnity that I have not experienced before in a daylight painting.  It parallels, in a way, the scene of an almost empty church darkened before mass.  You are alone but not lonely.

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