July 6, 2005


Painting No. 5 Windy Day, Wolfe Bay

It was a big day today with the temperatures hitting 28 degrees C. We started out at 8 a.m., and skirted the southwestern shoreline down to the mouth near the Amable Du Fond River.  We crossed, striking out once again towards Wolfe Bay.  Thwarted earlier in the week, we continued to struggle with strong headwinds; however, it was considerably different from the previous attempt.  Once we gained entrance to the bay, we stuck to the leeward side and made our way to the end.

At this point, we beached the canoe on what was an old beaver house.  I went along the boggy shoreline, scrambling over deadwood and jagged rocks.  I finally found a spot with an unobstructed view of the hills across the bay from us.  The setting was beautiful – a medley of luminous greens against deep verdant along the east side of the bay. The shape, angle and protrusion of the trees were particularly interesting.

There were few canoeists on the lake today. Thus, there was an abundance of peace for concentration and reflection.

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