July 4, 2005

img_2698-1.jpgPainting No.3A White Pine over Amable Du Fond River

I had a very good morning.  I walked to the bailey bridge that spans over Amable Du Fond River.  A stately white pine stood reaching out over the water, so I sat down and captured it in oil right away.  Although the rapids were frothy and exciting, oddly enough the pine dominated the scene by its sheer majesty.

While I was finishing up, I felt a vibration on the bridge.  Looking up, I saw a young bear, perhaps two or three years old, taking the first steps on the bridge to cross.  Unfortunately, I was already in the middle of the bridge.  Because the rapids were so loud, the bear was unaware of my presence.  I stood up and raised my hands, shouting a warning to him.  He came out of his torpor and looked at me.  After a somewhat delayed reaction, he abruptly bolted from whence he came.  He then cleared the roadside ditch in one easy jump, and bounded off into the woods.

Painting No.3B Late Afternoon, View of Ranger Cabin-Kiosk

img_2699-1.jpgI had a conversation with Carmen, the camp supervisor.  She suggested that since many people like the old ranger cabin, it might be a good subject to paint.  I told her I would give it some thought and check it out.  Walking around the old cabin, I didn’t find anything particularly interesting.  Still, I wondered if anyone had ever painted the cabin itself, from the lakeside.

I enlisted the help of a bows man to keep the canoe relatively still.  Then we paddled out into the lake and up to the front of the cabin just a few hundred feet off shore.  As the rolling waves rocked the canoe, I set up and began to paint.  It was tricky to keep balanced and to avoid a mess (or a good dunk).  In the end, after dodging the odd powerboat, I think I did a faithful rendering.  When I showed Carmen, she commented that most people painted the view looking down the lake from the front of cabin; no one had ever painted the actual cabin from the water.  I suspect the unstable location had a lot to do with that.

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