July 31, 2005

img_2752-1.jpgPainting No. 30 Last Morning, Lake of Two Rivers

Last official entry

By 9:30 a.m., the temperature had reached 21 degrees and the morning was already sunny and warm. I went to an off road viewing area that I thought might be good in the morning light, but it didn’t give me that twinge, that spark inside the heart and brain  that gets set off when the right variables are present.

I drove down the road, racing against the brightening sky that was chasing the shadows back deep into the forest. I stopped by the Lake of Two Rivers. There is an interesting island out in the lake with its stones acting as a visible anchor. I worked up the brilliant tones I found in the early morning light. The sun, rising out of the east, cast radiance over the western hillsides.

It will take weeks perhaps months and years to fully comprehend and appreciate, the myriads of images, feelings and thoughts gathered here in Algonquin during these “thirty days of July”. Having experienced this close intimacy, I am certain that I will continue to return, a little wiser, with a stronger attachment to my home and native land. I take solace knowing that I am home, which means Algonquin is never far from me for ”being of that place and having the knowledge of that “place” (Chief Robert Lovelace) is what homeland means in my father’s ancestral tongue, Tanakiwin” – Algonquin.

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