July 30, 2005

img_2751-1.jpgPainting No. 29 Overlooking Canoe Lake from Hayhurst Point

Today we headed out to Canoe lake. We paddled up on the western shore to the end of the lake at Potters Creek, which leads to the Joe Lakes System. Instead of continuing, we paddled to the totem pole erected to the memory of Tom Thompson. The members of what was to become the Group of Seven also designed a com

We tied up the canoe and I scaled the short, steep rocky trail to the top of the lookout. I remembered Thompson camped here quite a bit. The top was a pleasant spot to pas a few hours, so I set up my easel and proceeded to paint in a most relaxing atmosphere. The summer breeze, the earthy smells and slapping waves below, became a soothing balm. I painted without fatigue, knowing there were few hours left: I was determined to soak up and take in as much of this wondrous month as possible.

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