July 3, 2005

IMG_2697 (1)Painting No.2 Western Gaze, from the East End of Kioshkokwi

Initially I had intended to go west to Wolfe Bay by paddling over to Amable Du Fond River.  We tried to get up the lake into the bay; however high winds made passage unmanageable so we paddled into the lee side and spun the canoe around and headed east.  As it was still morning we headed to the trestle at the other end and skirted the creek at the Mink Lake portage.  After exploring the creek, we started back and spotted an island.  It had a luxurious beach and a great lookout atop a small knoll.  It was a great campsite with such an idyllic environment that I couldn’t resist the urge to sit, reflect and paint.  Later a large studio work entitled “Wind Song No.2” came out of this reflection.

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