July 29, 2005

img_2750-1.jpgPainting No. 28 Black Eyed Susans, Hwy 60 Corridor

It was a bit of a lazy day. I took in some trails looking for wildflowers and other points of interest. Perhaps it was the day or the light, but I didn’t find anything satisfying. After going from one end of the Hwy 60 corridor to the other, the day began shrinking into evening. I finally managed to find the right light and conditions for the intimate flower portrait.

Set against a dark red granite wall, veined with dull grey, this little roadside transplant showed her style. The Black Eyed Susan has always been one of my favourite wild flowers. They are hardy and one of summer’s colourful highlights. Even though a mass of flowers is impressive, I have preferred a close and personal approach; it’s this intimacy that teaches. Thus, I climbed to the bottom of the ditch and sat on a rock pile to paint these little gems.

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