July 25, 2005

img_2741-1.jpgPainting No. 24 Overlooking Cache lake, from Steps of Highland Inn

I had a good day at Cache Lake. I painted the view from the steps of the old Highland Inn. There is lots of history here: I could hear it in the swaying red pines overhead. This is one of my favourite places to stop and dream.  The pleasant July afternoon breeze gently skimmed over us, sending tendrils of woody pine and wisps of flowery perfume into our nostrils. I imagined what others like Tom Thompson felt, taking in the grandeur of the imposing hotel in this northern setting for the first time. The history of this place was palpable sitting on these steps. One could picture the conversations that took place and the many tears shed.

Time has marked this place, and it marks those pausing long enough to consider its heartbeat. This painting reverberates with that shadowy history now cloaked in pine. Peering through the trees, with the waters of Cache Lake and the land beyond, I realize that even in decay, this place exudes a charm and elegance worthy of note.

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