July 24, 2005

img_2740-1.jpgPainting No. 23 Grey Day Below Tea Lake Dam

I rose early in order to get back on the road. After a morning of exploration, we decided to stop at the Tea Lake Dam for a lunch of cold chicken. Afterwards, remembering Tom Thompson had painted the old wooden dam in the early part of the 20th Century, I decide to check it out more closely.

A modern concrete structure replaced the dam years ago. I crossed the dam’s narrow edge and scaled down the twelve-foot wall on the opposite side. Making my way west along the northern side of the Oxtongue River, I came out to a point some distance below the dam. Looking up I examined the dam from this perspective, I set up under a stately white pine and took in the view. I prefer the natural world for my subject matter, however in this case, function is tied to the landscape, both historically and culturally.

I worked in the open until rain, in fat droplets, started coming down. I sought refuge under the big pine and continued to work.

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