July 21 2005

img_2735.jpgPainting No. 20 View from top of Booth Rock Trail, Rock Lake

I traversed the Booth Rock Trail to the lookout over Rock Lake with Derrick.  The route was fairly steep, but shorter in length than the one we took yesterday.  There were many different sights including the staircase on the other side of the lookout and the Barclay Estate ruins.  At the top we had many vantage points to take in the lake.

I had setup and began painting.  I was able to watch storm clouds in the distance heading east of us.  This caused considerable gusts of wind, one of which nearly sent my easel over the cliff.  However I managed to snatch it up before it plunged to destruction.

Algonquin can turn ‘wild’ in an instant, from benign to menacing in a moment.  Unfortunately I’ve been caught in two of the worst storms in recorded park history.  To the unprepared, things can go horribly wrong very quickly.  With misfortune avoided, I finished my painting, and we followed the old rail bed to the Barclay Estate ruins, which run alongside a beautiful view of Rock Lake.  Below, several beaches beckoned us for a cooling dip.  Instead we made haste to camp, for a meat and veggies BBQ.  Then we relaxed.

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