July 20, 2005

img_2733-1.jpgPainting No. 19 View from top of Track and Tower trail, Overlooking Cache Lake

I enticed Marg into coming up the track and Tower Trail above Cache Lake.  I never knew how heavy an easel, paint box and equipment could be.  It seemed uphill the entire eight and a half kilometres; or was it just the fatigue I was feeling?  One path in particular descended along a steep cliff side that had neither a handrail or any other anchor to grab hold, save for the odd tree root or rock.  It was a little daunting to say the least.

It was all worth it after reaching the summit.  We beheld a beautiful vista of Cache Lake from our perch on top of the stone bluff.  I knew it would be difficult getting back at a decent time, so I set up my easel and got straight to work.  Soon folks from a youth camp surrounded us.  They asked us several questions and were intrigued with every aspect of the project.  They left enlightened and enlivened by the experience.

Getting back however was not so satisfying.  Poor Marg had quite a time and I thanked God inwardly when we could finally hear the sounds from the roadway.  I was exhausted but happy.

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