July 19, 2005

img_2731.jpgPainting No. 18A Morning, Spruce Boardwalk Trail

I ventured out early this morning.  In the south, to beat the bugs and tourists one must be up before dawn if you want to enjoy the day undisturbed.

I travelled to the Spruce Board Walk Trail.  In any season, it is always a good spot to observe birds up close and the wonder of the bog itself.  This morning, with noone about, I had the luxury to set up across the bridge and take in the patchwork effect of the bog and Sunday creek meandering through it.  The clarity of the cool morning made the colours jump out in vivid tones.  Near the end of the work, I caught some people entering the trail from the other side and decided to paint them in.  Although i tend to seek out isolated and pristine places, this project set out to capture all the elements of the painterly trinity (aesthetic, cultural and historical).

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