July 15, 2005

img_2719.jpgPainting No. 14A – Old Dam, Lower Petawawa River, on Cedar Lake

It was another balmy day, 27 degrees and great for painting. We first stopped at the eastern end of Cedar Lake, which empties into the lower Petawawa River. Upon disembarking, I took my gear and climbed down to the bottom of the wooden dam in order to view the full extent of the river. The day was like a jewel in every way from the diamond glints off the distant waves to the deep jade spires of spruce and pine.

At this time of the year, the water is quite low. Still, the wooden dam is an impressive feature with its dramatic size and age – a testament to its builders. When I finished, we went back to the camp for lunch. Afterwards, I decided to head to the other end of the Petawawa River, crossing the lake to the south.

img_2721-1.jpgPainting No. 14B – Afternoon at Falls,

Upper Petawawa R. on Cedar Lake

Reaching the far shore, we walked up the 700 metre portage to the next leg of the river. From that perspective, it was quite a drop. Working our way back down the trail, I decided to climb to the rocky edge and make my way to the majestic falls. It was worth the effort. The awesome power contained within each watery skin made me speechless, so I began to paint.

Tomorrow marks our last full day here. It`s been an experience. North Algonquin is proving again to be a unique place, not only because of the geography and terrain, but also for its culture.

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