July 14, 2005

img_2717-1.jpgPainting No. 13 – Portrait of

Common Milk Weed, Old Rail Bed, Brent

At 11:30 am, more clouds moved in and the pressure seemed to drop fast. Perhaps, there is more rain to come.

I arrived back from walking the old rail bed leading into Brent. I found a bunch of common milk weed growing up through the slag and stones. They were stunning in their summer tide dress. Large globular clusters of old pink and rose blossoms hung in profusion, emitting a delicate but pervasive perfume. I couldn`t resist painting this jewel, knowing that it`s a great source of spring and summer food for us and haven for insects. On the plant, I found a monarch butterfly still in the caterpillar stage. Though soft to the touch, they have a hearty appetite, eating as much of the milk weed plant in order to prepare for the next stage of their life.

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