July 13, 2005

IMG_2714Painting No. 12A – View from Old Lookout, Brent Crater Trail

After a breakfast of Pancakes with freshly picked blueberries and raspberries, we headed to the Brent Crater Trail. The best vintage point to overlook the trail was up the old, rickety wooden viewing platform, which I imagine must have been at least thirty years old. Despite the precarious footing, the view did not disappoint us.

It’s hard to imagine the force with which the meteorite struck the earth here. It was a powerful sight to behold and I spent more time contemplating than I did painting.

img_2715-1.jpgPainting No. 12B – Evening,

Cedar Lake

After a late dinner, I had enough energy left to do a bit of painting. So, off I went to a spot that on first inspection looked rather ordinarily; however, gradually I began to see an exotic jungle, infused with greens and blues of varying degrees. The granite ran like spilled milk to the water’s edge, catching itself briefly in a watery reflection, before plunging beyond.

I sat and proceeded to paint at the water’s edge, with the wash of a departing craft lapping at the legs of my easel. The only distraction was the incessant torment of the horse and deer flies. It’s challenging to marshal all of your imagination and physical stamina in order to commit your thoughts, desires, and unapologetic beliefs onto the canvas. However, once finished, a permanent and timeless vision remains.

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