July 11, 2005

img_2713-1.jpgPainting No. 10 – Early Morn,

Little Cedar Lake

Today the temperatures reached 41 degrees with the humidity. We left at 7am and went straight up the lake. Passed Gilmour Island into Little Cedar, we continued under an old abandoned rail bridge blocked up with debris and crawling with large spiders. This is not for the squeamish. This led us into Aura Lee and up to Hurdsman Creek and Laurel Lake.

I could imagine no better past time than paddling up a stream to find out where it leads, keenly observing the interactions of the flora and fauna around. Here there is peace, save for the trill of a frog, the melody of a song bird and the sigh of the wind through the trees.

On the way back from exploring, we stopped at the entrance from Aura Lee to Little Cedar Lake and I painted the morning light, backlighting an island. Even at this early hour, the heat is intense. I looked in my paint box and found only one birch board left. It seems incredible to have painted a dozen canvasses already. Yet, I find it hard to remember any of it; everything seems to be moving at a torrid pace. I seldom get more than six hours sleep, but I rejuvenate quickly.

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