Alfred G. Villeneuve: Reconcile a Nation

The DRG was privileged to be the first gallery to show Alfred’s newest painting “Reconcile a Nation” Jake Lake, Algonquin park. It was meant to be in Deep River only for the opening reception of “Thirty Days in July.” However the gallery is delighted that he agreed to let it be hung for a month in the Valley Artisan’s Coop 33373 Hwy.17


Reconcile A Nation

For five hundred years,
For countless families,
We have been separated,
By little white lines,

Lines on paper,
Lines on the land,
Cutting us up,
Like sad paper dolls,

Just as ancestors,
Return to Our Mother,
We are left standing behind,
Next in line,

To shelter what’s to come,
The nascent generation,
Just breaking through, to the sun,

We must grow together,
Protect in unity,
What is sacred,

Leave those,
Little white lines behind,

Reconcile a nation,
Our Nation,
As one, and whole,
As before,
Those little, white lines.

Alfred G. Villeneuve,

For: Reconcile A Nation-Standing People Series. Jake Lake, Algonquin Park

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